If you are ready to buy or sell a home you need a Realtor — a credentialed professional with experience in the industry. Someone who will guide you in the proper direction, steering you away from any costly errors that could strain your limited budget.

That said, you need a to pick the right one for your search. So what do you need to know in order to choose the right Realtor for you?

So, how do you choose between an independently owned agency or a franchised one? This is actually a question that we get often and so many times there are quite a few misconceptions about the difference. So, we wanted to take the time to break it down. 


Believe it or not, the answer is very simple, all real estate agents represent home buyers and sellers in the same way, but not every agency is built the same! You may have heard of brands like Coldwell Banker, Century 21, or RE/MAX, but what are the differences between these franchise brands and a local independent agency like us? Let us walk you thorough the unique strengths of an independent agency so you will have a better idea of what we have to offer.


Access. We all have access to the same MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Professionalism. Regardless of their affiliation, agents and brokers are professionals and communicate regularly with other agencies.

Compliance. We all take our legal responsibilities seriously regardless of whether we are part of a franchise or we are an independent agency.

Education. We are always looking to perfect our craft. Our office, like many others utilize coaching and training sessions to stay on top of any changes or new information, we also attend conferences and expos to learn about the latest technology.

Associations. You can expect agents at either type of agency to be active members of a professional real estate association.

Despite their larger support structure, franchise brokers face a few challenges, including higher overhead and less individuality. Yet what makes an independent broker unique is also one of their biggest hurdles. While we both have the same resources, many times potential buyers and sellers cannot see past the franchise agencies to focus on the uniqueness of an independent agency and what they have to offer.


Independent brokers have several unique advantages.

Individuality. While franchise brokers are limited on how they operate, brand, and market themselves. We, as independent agencies have the freedom and flexibility to do business on our terms, which translates into a more unique experience for our clients.

Marketing. Without the rules dictating where marketing dollars are spent, we have the freedom to market however we want which means that our clients will get the exposure they want without getting lost in the mix.

Overhead. Without franchise overhead,  we can be more flexible which ensures you have the best possible experience.