The exterior grounds of 4150 Hwy 36 is well-maintained and landscaped. The twelve buildings on the property include two admin offices, four housing units, 3 school buildings, gymnasium, maintenance building and a social building. A pump house features a water well which is used for irrigation purposes. Recreation areas include a large fenced yard, swing areas, covered pavilion with basketball hoops. The grounds are handicap accessible.


  • 7 Acres
  • 55+ parking spots
  • 2 Administration offices
  • 4 Housing/dorm units
  • 3 Classroom buildings
  • Cafeteria/Social building
  • Gymnasium
  • Maintenance shop w/eave
  • Pump house 
  • Covered pavilion
  • Swing areas
  • Large fenced yard


67′ x 50′

Cement foundation

Metal roof


Large recreation yard

5 swing set areas

Outdoor volleyball


Maintenance building

Pump house