Hurricane Season in Texas

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As is if 2020 has not been bad enough, hurricane season is here and it is forecasted to be a rough one. With the temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico ranging 2.8 – 3.5°F warmer than average, Texas is has a 47% chance of being hit by a major hurricane this year according to model predictions of ENSO…much higher than our average yearly risk of 33%.

So the question becomes….are you prepared? This COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how easily essentials can disappear and leave us scrambling for the basic items we use everyday. As our first tropical managed to miss the Texas coast, we are reminded that it is time to be prepared.

The National Weather Service provides education and preparedness materials to ensure that we are ready when the time comes. Here are some links to what you may need:

Hurricane Preparedness:

Hurricane Tracking Map:

What to do before a hurricane or tropical storm:

Food and Water Safety During Hurricanes:

Hurricane Guide:

Now is the time to be prepared!

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