Things You Should Know Before Moving To Brenham, Texas

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Things You Should Know Before Moving To Brenham, Texas

If you’re considering moving to Brenham, Texas, you’ll find it is indeed quite a comfortable place to make your new home. Comfortably located between Houston and Austin, the natural beauty here is unique and quaint.

You can expect to lead a quiet, fun, and peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle bigger cities demand. Called “The Texan’s Texas,” by CNN Travel, here you can experience the real pride of Texas and what it means to be easygoing. Before moving, read here about some of the main concerns you may have when considering Brenham for your new home!

1. Cost of Housing

The average value for a home in Brenham is around $263,000 which is slightly below the average price in Texas, which is typically $267,000. 

The average rent for a 1 bedroom in Brenham is currently around $738 a month, without utilities. You can expect rent to increase by $150 or so for every additional room requested. 

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2. Job Market

The median household income in Brenham is 18% lower than the national average, so many individuals either work in bigger surrounding areas like Bryan, where there are more opportunities for jobs.

One of the major employers within the area is Bluebell Ice Cream, and centrally located to College Station, many manufacturing, health care, and service industry jobs are available.

3. What is the Climate Like?

The weather in Brenham is fairly typical for South Texas, with the best weather occurring in the Spring and Fall months. July and August are the least comfortable months as the summer temperatures are upwards of 93 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The climate within this region of Texas is the most humid beginning in May and ending in September, with the least humidity occurring in October through April. Average rainfall here is around 42 inches per year, which is 4 inches higher than the national average, and most days, full sun can be expected.

4. What is There To Do in the Area?

Did you know Brenham is the Baseball Capital of Texas? The Yard is a miniature version of Fenway Park and is a great way to eat great grub and spend time with family and friends. Brenham is also home to historically significant museums, as well as multiple wineries and breweries surrounding the area. 

There are multiple attractions just outside the city which include 7-seater bike tours and alpaca farms! Don’t forget to stop by the Visitors Center at Blue Bell Creameries to experience the behind-the-scenes magic and all it takes to create such a delicious treat.

5. Education Options

Brenham ISD houses a fair school board and allows for locals and their children to receive their education with college in mind after graduation. 

Considered a suburb of Aggieland, most students continue their education in College Station, or begin their degrees at Blinn College. The possibilities are endless and in a small town, education is important and a priority as class sizes are average. 

6. Location

A small town, Brenham is conveniently nestled between Austin and Houston, leaving so much to do for those who enjoy the quiet and like to escape and experience a fun weekend out on the town. 

Not far from College Station, attending college football games is also a great way to wind down and enjoy a Friday or Saturday night out with family and friends.

Overall, Brenham is a quiet town with years of history in the making and is home to a friendly, family-oriented community. Centrally located and on the outskirts of expansion taking place in Austin and Houston, Brenham is a rural home and here, life is what you make of it. The city of Brenham welcomes newcomers with open arms and a routine of life that is slow-paced and a great place for growth.

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