What To Know Before Moving To Goliad, Texas

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What To Know Before Moving To Goliad, Texas

Goliad is home to rich Texas history. It was here that Sam Houston’s soldiers won the revolutionary Battle of San Jacinto and secured Texas’ independence. A rural, small town, the first cattle ranch was said to have its beginnings at the Mission Espiritu Santo. The missions and Presidio La Bahia are still standing today and the grounds where several battles took place to win independence of Texas from Spain can be toured, booked for events, and even more.

In this article we will take a look at the key factors you need to know before you move to Victoria, Texas. 

1. Cost of Housing

The cost of living in Goliad is 5% lower than the Texas average, with house values sitting around $227,000. As of 2019, the population of Goliad was right at 2,300, so homes here usually sell fast. Rentals are available but usually hold their tenants for some time, so with an average monthly cost of around $1,326 for a home and $686 for a 1 bedroom unit. If you’re searching for a real estate company in Goliad, TX, give Jacob Realty a call! We specialize in helping clients find homes and ranches that fit their needs.

2. Job Market

Goliad, Texas, is home to manufacturing jobs as well as industrial trades, and many farms operate within and outside of the city limits as well. Not far from other rural counties with similar job opportunities, places like Victoria and Weesatche or Nordheim offer about the same type of careers.

Goliad is a fairly small town in size so the commute for most is about 30 minutes to an hour and a half for those who work at plants like Invista, DOW, Caterpillar, or Formosa.

3. What is the Climate Like?

The climate within Goliad is typically dry and in the winter months, cooler temperatures in the 40’s can be expected. The summer months bring dry heat and a lot of sun, with temperatures nearing 98 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. The weather is typically enjoyable and the average yearly rainfall is just below the national average by 3 inches, at 35.4 inches. 

4. What is There To Do in the Area?

Home to the rich history of Texas, there are several things to do in Goliad, like hunt, fish, or camp near and at Coleto Creek, as well as visit Presidio La Bahia and the State Park and Historic Site.

Here, you can learn about the Republic of Texas and how it became a state. Home to the Goliad Brewing company and small-town shopping around the square, monthly farmer’s markets, as well as market days and antique shopping.

5. Education Options

Daycare options are available here, as well as being home to a good middle and high school. The population within the city is small so many opportunities are available in extracurricular activities and advancement, with the district sending multiple students to continue their education on scholarship. Dual credit courses are also available for those who desire to gain college credits while still in high school. The University of Houston and Victoria College are also viable options for those who are looking to stay close to home.

6. Location

Surrounding the area is Victoria, Texas, which houses several retailers, local shops, restaurants, and more. Goliad is a convenient drive to Corpus Christi, Victoria, and even to San Antonio. Through these areas, you can find boutique and antique shopping as well as flea and farmer markets, with great restaurants as well.

Essentially, Goliad would make the perfect home for an older couple, or newly married couple looking for a place to start a family, away from the modernity and busyness that accompanies city life. Here, there is enough for anyone looking to make a quiet and peaceful life.

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